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Back Office

The back office application is a centralized dashboard for our entire range of products, allowing you as the operator to manage your day-to-day operations and to plan long term strategies — our extensive background with gaming operators designed to meet technical specification to build and maintain his business.

Easy Aggregation

The Ear LTD offers you a comprehensive Aggregation solution in one API from other providers and our partners. All integrated 3rd party partners efficiently managed thanks to specific features on our Aggregation backend system. As an operator, you can view reports, set limits, and control which products are shown to your players and many more.
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Fully hosted and managed

The Ear LTD has a wide choice of products, available under a lease agreement which allows you to operate the software under your license. Since we are also able to manage the hardware and hosting sides of the operation, our operators can concentrate solely on their core business.
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Risk Management

In addition to detailed user profiles administration, the system presents a comprehensive history of customer transactions, game data, and general user activity, essential to make critical business decisions. Our modular approach means that user profiles, service, and setting can all be easily limited or modified according to the specific situations
the ear risk management
the ear customer service

Customer Service

Our internal messaging system keeps the player informed and facilitates a quick resolution of queries and issues. Messages will be queued and made visible in real-time, providing easy access to user profiles and statistics.